Why Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode Became Raw Tag Team Champions?

WWE’s Clash of Champions followed the same format as their old Night of Champions pay per view. Every single title that the WWE main roster has to offer was on the line. While this was definitely a B-Show and couldn’t generate much hype being sandwiched in between of SummerSlam and Hell in a Cell, Clash of Champions has done admirably as a show for all the circumstances surrounding it. The show lacked many surprises in it and will probably go down as one of the better shows of 2019. One of the many titles that was on the line was the Raw Tag Team Championship which were held by Universal Champion Seth Rollins and his competitor later in the day, Braun Strowman against the new makeshift tag team of Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode. The match was considered odd from the bat, because Ziggler and Roode hadn’t necessarily done anything to warrant a title shot ahead of former champs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson or even Erik and Ivar of the Viking Raiders. Ziggler and Roode made the most of the opportunity that they got and promptly defeated the incumbent champions to crown themselves as the tag team kings of Raw.

The match followed the same basic structure that most tag matches follow. The heel team of Roode and Ziggler isolated the athletic babyface in Rollins and beat him down, all while Strowman was waiting for the hot tag on the other end. Strowman destroyed Roode and Ziggler upon getting the tag, but momentarily lost control which saw him tag Rollins back in. Rollins and Roode has a mini-match inside the ring which saw Roode plant Rollins with a spine buster. The faces imploded after Strowman accidentally ran over Rollins which saw Roode pin the champion after hitting the Glorious DDT.

This title victory screams of short term booking, but has the potential to be something much bigger if WWE can capitalize on it. They probably made the decision to have Roode and Ziggler win purely to add some heat to the absolutely dead main event between Rollins and Strowman. The two didn’t have much heat heading into the show and the odd champion bit didn’t help. They at least went into the match later in the night with some bone of contention. Also, the decision to have Roode pin Rollins in relatively clean fashion was purely to throw the red herring that Strowman does have a good chance to beat Rollins, by showing Rollins as the weaker one. This also enables them to sell Rollins’s underdog story against the monster Strowman later in the night. For Ziggler and Roode, I just hope WWE uses them and the disrespect to the Raw Tag Titles stop. There are a bunch of young and exciting teams on Raw and they all need to be spotlighted instead of these random thrown together duos,

Do you agree with us? Do you think Roode and Ziggler deserve this? Let us know in the comments below.

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