Why Seth Rollins Defeated Braun Strowman for the Universal Title

WWE tried to sell Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman as a legitimate main event ahead of all the other championship matches tonight. The Raw Women’s Match or even the WWE Championship match may have been much better served in the spotlight that they got, but at least the ending left everyone with something to talk about. A few hours after being beaten for the Raw Tag Titles by Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler, Strowman and Rollins closed out Clash of Champions 2019. The loss to Roode and Ziggler, a thing that happened earlier in the night and not weeks before the show, was the only real story behind these two men wrestling in a very flat feud between Strowman and Rollins. The lack of intrigue heading into this match must have been worrying for the WWE, but then they should have done a better job in building this story. Nonetheless, Rollins did manage to put on the ultimate babyface performance and defeated a monster, who was also a babyface for some reason.

Before we recap the match, we should recap how horribly WWE had been booking this feud. This feud was so evidently a short term placeholder feud just so WWE can put on a Universal Championship match on the card. They announced the challenger for the next PPV weeks before even Clash of Champions happened. They had a face Champion take on a face challenger who is being sold as a monster. Nothing was making any particular sense with how this feud was booked, so maybe that is one of the reasons that the champion retained. There were never any plans for him to lose it and it was made evident by the lack of build that WWE put in this feud.

The match saw the two men just have a regular wrestling match. Strowman was dominating the smaller Rollins, but Rollins kept persevering through the powers that every babyface champion gets in a match. The crowd was confused and not necessarily cheering for one over the other, as Strowman was playing the heel in the match but hasn’t warranted anything to get booed. The match also went too long for a match which had little to no emotional investment from the crowd. Rollins had to hit Strowman with four curb stomps to retain his title.

Strowman will always be the wrestler that almost made it. He’s lost too many big matches to Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and now Seth Rollins. That’s about it. The bigger story from this match was the Bray Wyatt Fiend post match attack on Rollins.

Do you agree with us? Will Braun Strowman ever be a world champion in the WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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