Wrestling Community Reacts To The DQ Finish In HIAC

Wrestling Community Reacts To The DQ Finish In HIAC

WWE were doing everything right. They were booking Wyatt as a monster. His attacks felt sinister and he felt unbreakable. He kept kicking out at 1 after every pin attempt and it was a little bit surprising. Brock Lesnar, the most unstoppable figure in modern WWE has taken pinfalls after 3 curb stomps, but it somehow took Wyatt over 8. Wyatt still didn’t lose by pinfall, but by a bogus DQ because Seth hit him with a sledgehammer? DQ Inside Hell In a Cell? Wyatt proceeded to murder Seth Rollins post match with a mandible claw which caused Rollins to bleed from the mouth.

While the post match attack was sickening and gives The Fiend’s credibility back, we cannot excuse WWE after they put themselves in such a situation. They didn’t want Rollins to lose and they didn’t want Wyatt to lose, so why book this match so prematurely? No one for one second asked for Wyatt to be Universal Champion until WWE booked the match.

Wrestling Community Reacts To The DQ Finish In HIAC

Reason Why Wyatt Didn’t Win

Wyatt probably didn’t win because WWE weren’t prepared to have Wyatt as a champion. Rollins is a much safer bet as a champion, and heading into Survivor Series next month, it would be better for Wyatt to not face WWE Champion Brock Lesnar who has to rebuild himself as champion after the issues against Seth Rollins this year. Having Lesnar beat Rollins in the inter-brand Survivor Series match to redeem himself from his two losses would make sense.

Wrestling Community Reacts To Wyatt Not Winning

As for Wyatt, we really hope that they don’t make these mistakes with him again, because before you know it, it’s the old Wyatt that always fails in big matches. This was his first big test and WWE blew it for him and his character. This caused outrage online, so let’s check out the reactions from the wrestling community.

4 thoughts on “Wrestling Community Reacts To The DQ Finish In HIAC

  1. I’ve been a fan of WWE ever since I can remember. And yes if Through The Years from what I’ve seen it is had its ups and it has had its Downs recently it’s had its down due to the independent circuit being hotter more than ever. With the likes of New Japan Pro, Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling and now all elite wrestling. Wrestling has changed obviously and some of us may be fine with that and some of us may not be. Basically what I’m trying to get at is you have a damned good thing going with t”he fined” Bray Wyatt. You have a chance to turn this Seine into its own entity and have it take on a life of its own sort of speak. But as always WWE precedes to f****** literally the simplest themes including a hellinacell match that has no DQ. Now keep in mind a no DQ match is a no DQ match regardless. If you want to start adding rules and stipulations to s*** do it before everyone spend their money on a waste of a product called Hell in a Cell. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks tore the roof off that place. As well as all the other men and women that performed on that card. And in my honest opinion Lynch and Banks should have main evented hellin a cell. Not the Feed & Rollins especially with a b******* ending like that. I’m not really sure who’s all going to read this or what not but if WWE wants to sit there and keep their viewers and keep the money coming in and continue to somewhat sell out Arenas they need to step up their game. Because all elite wrestling is raining all of the smoke and they’re not holding back. The last couple of vents that aew has put on has been astoundingly very well put together. All elite wrestling is the what WCW would be like today if it was still around. Which is good but bad at the same time. Because yes it’s nice to feel rebranded and stuff like that. But it’s even better to stand out and make you fall in love with wrestling like you did back in the day when y’all were kids. Point that I’m trying to make is if WWE continues to keep their head up their ass their days might be numbered as the years pass and time fades.

  2. I don’t like this fiend he’s disusting and unstoppable Seth tried everything to get him pinned but nothing worked out for Seth I still love Seth cause I understand what he was going threw with this thing besides he wasn’t hurt as you seen he had ahold of Seth right away I don’t understand why Vince set it up for both of them to win I hope we get rid of that creature who can’t be stopped no matter what you do to him

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