WWE Continues The 50/50 Booking

For everything that SmackDown does as a positive, 50/50 booking is the ever present thing dragging them down a notch. 50/50 booking refers to when a company indecisively keeps making wrestlers trade wins, not giving either one an advantage over the other and actually hurt the performers credibility by making them lose every alternate week. This is an extremely frustrating conundrum and something that WWE keep perpetuating.

We saw an example of 50/50 booking on the latest episode of SmackDown in the Intercontinental Championship picture. Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura lost a non-title match to Ali, who made his return to in-ring competition at the SmackDown show SmackVille. At SmackVille, we saw Nakamura retain his title over Ali and just a few days later, that win has been negated by an Ali victory. It is unnecessary. If you want to protect Ali, build him outside of this feud and keep Nakamura strong himself.

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