WWE Is Not Allowing Released Wrestlers To Compete

WWE Is Not Allowing Released Wrestlers To Compete

WWE Is Not Allowing Released Wrestlers To Compete

This weekend there were four WWE Superstars who were released from the company. Luke Harper, The Ascension and Sin Cara were granted their releases, and now according to Tom Colohue, there are a small number of WWE Superstars who are also considering asking to be released by the company, as they have seen WWE grant the requests of these Superstars.

There is a thought that there has been a change of heart in WWE and they don’t want Superstars who are not really interested in being in the company. However, this has not been concerned and there are no reports of any more Superstars asking for releases yet.

Fightful also reported that the future Superstars who are expected to be released by the WWE might be coming from NXT and the releases might be made official around January and February.

However, there is more news to be noted regarding this, as just because the four Superstars have already been released by WWE, does not mean that they will be available to wrestle elsewhere immediately.

WWE Is Not Allowing Released Wrestlers To Compete
WWE Is Not Allowing Released Wrestlers To Compete

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer confirmed that they had been told by the WWE that they would not be able to wrestle until they served their 90-day non-compete clause, which makes them eligible to wrestle again only somewhere around March.

None of these Superstars will be showing up anywhere until at least that length of time.

2 thoughts on “WWE Is Not Allowing Released Wrestlers To Compete

  1. I understand the non-compete clause but is WWE going to pay them for these 90 days..i doubt it so they need to make a living…of the 4 released only Sin Cara will be guaranteed work with AAA and the other 3 are not main liners so may get stuck in small organizations.why pay people if you do not intend to utilize them..let them go free…Vince is suffering from dementia or something…WWE is on a downward slide and the McMahons are destroying the company

    1. I’d have to disagree. Yes Cara can go anywhere, pretty much, but there’s always places to go. It doesn’t mean they all weren’t good enough for TV spots doesn’t mean they weren’t good, its Creative that is the problem. I haven’t seen so much hokey in the WWE since prior to The Kliq and I think the guys just need to collectively, sit down(w/Vince) and work it all out. If Vince doesn’t want to step back and stop being so friggin’ controlling, and values the money, he’d give the contractors what they want. Its not like he can’t do it….

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