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WWE RAW Superstar Says He Is Frustrated

WWE RAW Superstar Says He Is Frustrated

One WWE Superstar might now be frustrated with WWE.

Cedric Alexander made his appearance on the main roster last year, and ever since then, there was no looking back for the Superstar. He faced some of the top Superstars in the world regularly in matches, including Drew McIntyre.

Alexander is one of the top athletic Superstars, and has been one of the best Cruiserweight Champions in all of WWE’s history.

Alexander had made a lot of progress over the last few months, he has not featured as consistently, despite being one of the favorite reported Superstars of WWE RAW’s Creative Director, Paul Heyman. Alexander has not really won too many matches recently, and the last straw for him might very well be the loss to Angel Garza on RAW recently. Before that, his last match was back in December, where he lost yet another match to another Superstar – Bobby Lashley.

In a recent statement on Twitter, he revealed that he was frustrated in WWE.

While he is frustrated with his current role in WWE, with Paul Heyman apparently thinking highly of him, he might not have to be in this position for too long before he received a proper push.