WWE Wrestler Getting A Name Change

Chad Gable has gone through many changes since coming to WWE. When he first arrived, his team with Jason Jordan as American Alpha dominated NXT. They did not have the same effect on the main roster when they made their debut, although, they did manage to win the SmackDown Tag Team Titles.

After this, Jordan went his own way on RAW, and left Gable alone. For a while Gable teamed up with Shelton Benjamin, but they were not a success. He then teamed with Bobby Roode, with whom he was able to win the titles.

He then went to 205 Live and started to wrestle there.

It appears that Gable is about to be given a new name, one that the fans and Gable himself might not be too happy with – Shorty G.

“We noted a couple weeks ago that WWE has copyrighted the name ‘Shorty G’ for a potential character. If Chad Gable is going to be ‘Shorty G,’ if that’s where they’re going with it — I don’t sense a bunch of upward mobility in his future with his character.”

Mike Johnson

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