WWE Wrestler Suffers Major Injury

WWE Wrestler Suffers Major Injury

Although it’s not that obvious, WWE has been going through a spate of injuries, with several wrestlers suffering from separate maladies. On the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed the status of three such wrestlers as their status at the moment.

Samoa Joe is currently out with a broken thumb, and without a return date, it seems he might be out for quite some time.

Sasha Banks suffered from injuries following her opening match at Hell in a Cell to her back and hip. It was believed to be serious and it appears that it might well be, with the exact nature of the injury not yet out. Sasha could be out for quite some time.

However, the worst of the three was Ember Moon. The former NXT Star might be out for a very long time as she has either an Achilles or an ankle injury. If it is an Achilles injury then she could be out for near a year.

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