WWE Wrestler Was Not Released?

There is an update about Kacy Catanzaro resigning from WWE. The
NXT Superstar asked for her release, and it appears that the story might
not have merit. She might not be leaving after all!

“So, I haven’t heard anything all day today. On Sunday I heard that she
had not officially given notice but the idea that she might any day now is, you know, likely. Possibly. Probably. The story, essentially, there is smoke to the fire of the story and more likely than not it’s going to end up with her, I don’t want to say more likely than not because I don’t know that but there is smoke to the story in the sense of she’s certainly talking of leaving.

She had not, as of yesterday, finalized that thing, but, you know, it could be finalized any day now. I asked WWE, they didn’t say anything at all. I asked different people in WWE it was like that was the status. Like nobody denied the story because essentially the story itself is accurate. You know the story that she is likely leaving but I don’t know she’s 100 per cent made the call, but certainly, the word going around there is that she’s probably leaving.”

Dave Meltzer

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