WWE Wrestlers React To Their 2K20 Rating

Ratings for 2K20 have been coming out. Becky Lynch is rated 90 and she seems pretty happy about it, but Sasha Banks isn’t too happy about her rating. Banks was only rated 80 and she took to Twitter to express how she felt.

“80?!? That’s why I said no to your stupid commercial @WWEgames”

Sasha Banks

Also, Ric Flair wasn’t too happy about his 2K20 rating either, because Hulk Hogan and Sting were rated higher. Flair is rated 90, Sting is 91, and Hogan was rated 92. Flair revealed the reason why he thinks he was rated lower. 

“Wow… that’s because I’m older than these guys, you see. You’re giving them the bump because of the age difference.”

Ric Flair

Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, and more reacted to their 2K20 rating, which you should check out in the video below!

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